Summer Meat CSA 2021

2021 Summer MEAT CSA SHARE

Get a chance to try nose-to-tail eating by signing up for this share which we run through a partnership with Stoneboat Farm in Helvetia.  In each full share pickup (2/month – matching the Stoneboat veggie box schedule but only on alternate weeks) you will typically receive 4  different meat/animal items from our farm (depending on size and quality of cuts, approx 3.5-5 lbs meat).  We offer ½ shares as well, suited for smaller families or people who eat less meat.  Our meat is frozen, so you can always choose whether to thaw and cook the food soon, or save it in your freezer.  Expect everything from beef roasts to ground lamb to pork chops to bones for making stock, plus the occasional adventure challenge (rendering tallow?  making chicharrones or liver pâté? – we give you lots of choices to pick from).  To get some ideas of the range of possible offerings, you can look at our farm meat cuts/price list.  Our meat is truly different from the grocery store. The animals are completely pasture-raised and finished, ensuring the benefits from things like leaner cuts, more Omega-3 fatty acids and more antioxidants, as well as freedom from harmful things like antibiotics and hormones. We also provide recipes every week to help you learn how to cook this different style of meat – such as slow cooked dishes that make healthy collagen more accessible.  We’ve been Stoneboat CSA customers ourselves for many years, so we focus on recipes that will use what’s in your Stoneboat veggie box as elements of your meat dishes or work as a harmonious part of your meal.  For those who have participated before, there are new recipes for the season, and for first-time customers we provide a cookbook of basics.

  • Runs May 15/18th to October 16/19th – 12 pickups on alternate weeks of the Stoneboat CSA schedule

  • $492 whole share; $246 half share – either payable bi-monthly as $42/$21 upon pick up or with a discount for paying in advance in full ($460 full share, $230 half share)

  • Pay directly to Wingham Farms (cash, check, credit card or Venmo):  Checks to “Wingham Farms” at  P.O. Box 203, Banks, OR 97106; Venmo account is @winghamfarms (all 1 word, and it doesn’t actually require that you enter any code – disregard that suggestion); schedule cash or credit card payment by contacting Daniel at or phoning 503-927-7977.

  • Pick up at Hollywood Farmers’ Market (Saturdays) or Stoneboat Farm (Tuesdays); ask about the possibility of Sunday Orenco Market pickup.

If the CSA seems like too much commitment right now, our meat is also available for purchase by the piece on request, and we bring it to Stoneboat for you to pick up alongside your vegetable box.  Check our our meat cuts/price list on our web site, make your selections, and email ( a day or more ahead of the CSA box delivery date to make your request.  We send you the price (with a preorder discount!) and can pay by cash, check or venmo when you pick up the items, or contact us to pay over the phone.

Questions?  Call Daniel at 503-927-7977 or email to

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